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Meet Dr. Kazemian

Dr. Kazemian received his undergraduate degree from the University of Iowa in Electrical Engineering. He then received his Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The Designing Smiles practice has been serving the Monroe, NC area since 1980 with Dr. Kazemian assuming ownership of the practice in 1996.

He is dedicated to his work and patients and enhances his skill-set through continuing education and professional memberships. He is a member of several professional dental organizations including the American Dental Association and the North Carolina Dental Society.

Dr. Kazemian

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Kazemian is an amazing Dentist! I’ve never felt comfortable in a dentist office but when I met Dr. Kazemian and his assistants they were very friendly! I got a tooth pulled today and was very nervous, but they made things a lot easier for me by joking and laughing with me which made it so much better!

The best part is he truly cared about the health of my teeth instead of “selling” extra treatments I don’t actually need. He wasn’t just doing his job, he put care into it and talked to me like a friend instead of patient. I even got a follow up phone call later today from Dr. Kazemian himself just to check and see how I was! That is something NO dentist has ever done for me! I would recommend Dr. Kazemian and his office to anyone! He is WONDERFUL!

– Michelle S.

Thank you for providing me with excellent dental care during the last fourteen years of my on-going visits to your office.

Your evaluations and treatments for fillings and root canals, etc. have been administered to me in a very professional and caring manner along with your after-hours follow-up phone calls regarding any post-procedure healing.

Thank you again so very much for all you have done for my dental wellness and I have full confidence that any of my future dental needs will be met with your usual competent and exemplary treatment.

– Edward B.

I can’t speak highly enough of the professional yet personal attention given to us by Dr. Kazemian and his staff. A recent move to the area required my family establish care with a new dentist. Unfortunately, dentist offices are scary and have that weird smell. This office does not have that smell. The staff and Dr. Kazemian were extremely personal which totally eased our nerves. We definitely did not feel like new patients. Our first visit consisted of my 17 yr old son having all 4 wisdom teeth removed. This was quite a task I might add. As a mother, I was very impressed with the mannerisms in that room, not to mention that Dr. Kazemian himself called us late in the evening to check on him before he went to bed. A plus for sure.

If you are afraid of the dentist or are in need of care, I would highly recommend this practice. You will not be disappointed. I give the practice 5 stars.

– Chris E.

Best Dentist in Monroe, NC. I had my wisdom teeth pulled here a while back. I was nervous about the procedure but when I got to the office the staff was phenomenal and Dr. Kazemian took out all 4 wisdom teeth in less than 40 minutes. I didn’t even need any pain medicine aside from a couple of over the counter Advil. I highly recommend Dr. Kazemian for any of your dental needs.

– Eric C.

Dr. Kazemian and his staff are wonderful! He removed all four of my wisdom teeth for a very reasonable price and managed to follow up with me multiple times after the surgery (despite being on vacation/holiday). He returned my emails and phone calls very quickly. He also took a lot of time at the consultation to answer my questions thoroughly (unlike previous doctors/dentists I have gone to who are in a hurry to get to the next patient). I cannot recommend him enough!

– Kristen T.

If you are looking for an EXCELLENT dentist, then look no further than Dr. Kazemian. When I first visited Dr. Kazemian’s office, I was under the impression that I was stuck with my painful and ill-fitting dentures from a previous dentist. I could not keep them in my mouth longer than 3 hours without pain, and could not eat with my dentures in at all. Dinners out with my husband were a no-no. After my examination by Dr. Kazemian, I was told that I had a palatial tori, and that I had to be fitted with special dentures, not just ordinary ones. When he took on this task, Dr. Kazemian told me that he could fit me with appropriate dentures and assured me there would be no pain. He kept his promise, and some. My new dentures are PERFECT. I never thought I could be without pain and able to eat with my dentures in. Dr. Kazemian and his staff are patient and caring individuals that are extremely knowledgeable. When you are in the dental chair, you feel their sole purpose is to make you comfortable and see to it that your dental problem is solved, even though (as in my case) some problems are quite complicated. My dentures are very special, they don’t even look like dentures. They look and feel like my teeth. That, I have discovered, is the way your dentures should look and feel. These folks deserve 10 stars, 5 just isn’t enough.

Brenda B.

Looking for a smile that will turn heads? That’s what Dr. Kazemian did for me. He corrected/changed/improved previous dental work and turned my smile into a “Million Dollar” smile. I get comments on my smile almost daily. His talents, skills, easy demeanor, professionalism, highly trained staff, state of the art equipment, community involvement and always staying up to date on the latest in the dental profession makes him the dentist of choice. I even told him once that I was going to list him as my emergency contact because I would never let anyone touch my teeth except him. I live in Charlotte now but would never consider changing. If you want the best in all areas, book your next appointment.

Denise P.

Thank you so much!! As I have been dealing with an extreme dental phobia, Dr. Kazemian and staff treated me with respect and gentle care. His hygienist has got to be one of the best out there. They answered all my questions, there was no rush and their genuine concern for my well being and emotional state was professional and caring. So far I have received a deep root cleaning through my whole mouth, a root canal and some quick emergency walk-in pain in my jaw and teeth, plus exams and X-rays. I highly recommend this office! Thanks so much Dr Kazemian and staff. You guys are the best in my book. 🙂